Shawneeland is run under a sanitary district that was created in order for the country government to collect special assessments in order to pay for needed improvements. The sanitary district was started in the summer of 1987.

The sanitary district fee of $560 for improved lots with a house and $190 for unimproved lots is paid in two installments each year, June 5 and Dec 5. The fee covers maintenance of the roads and common properties in Shawneeland. This includes snow removal, street sign replacement, and repairs.

The on-site managers are located at 50 Tomahawk Trail and can be reached at 540-877-1035. The Shawneeland Sanitary District Advisory Committee plans to meet in May and August of 2017.

Residents of Shawneeland can obtain their fishing permits and beach passes at the office as well as beach regulations.

Owners planning on building a new home also need to get a driveway permit before building permits are issued. These can be obtained at the SSD office.